Monday, 2 October 2017

UNN Open Access Group meets with the Vice-Chancellor

UNN Open Access Group meets with the Vice Chancellor, Prof. B. C. Ozumba

The UNN Open Access Group deemed it fit to meet with the Vice Chancellor, Professor B. C. Ozumba on 25th September, 2017. The meeting was intended to brief him about the vision, mission and objectives of the group. It was a fruitful time as the Vice Chancellor embraced the idea of the group wanting to create awareness to the University Community ranging from scholars and postgraduate students, about Open Access and its components.

The events for the year (Open Access Week and Open Con) were unleashed by the group and the Vice Chancellor was glad to have such events held in the University.

The group is grateful to the Vice Chancellor, for his warm welcome and support to the group.

View more pictures of the visit below:



  1. Open access is the choice for global unfettered visibility and access to research output. Any academic worth his/her salt should embrace it.

  2. We are proud to say that our indefatigable and pragmatic Vice Chancellor is open access friendly.

  3. Most times we want to secure what we have work from... not really meaning to be selfish, but in the end, we lose it. The more we make our research work available, the more impact it creates both to our immediate as we as to the entire global community. This is what Open Access is about. More openness; more visibility; more access, more impact

  4. Our own VC,is Open access friendly,after meeting with him,we are all convinced that our VC is so much knowledgeable and want UNN to be visible to all institutions in the world and let UNN continue to be ranked number one,am so proud of him and that is what Open Access is all about.For more openness,more visibility,more access,more impact.

  5. Kudos to the group. Pls be above all challenges and press on.


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